There’s a huge amount of practical work that needs doing every year in the wood and a large proportion is undertaken by the Wood Wardens.

The Management Plan 2015-2025 sets out the main objectives for the practical work and the plan is updated on a 5-year rolling basis. Together with the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Landscape and Ecology Officer, the Wood Wardens arrange a programme of seasonal work each year.

In 2012 the Wood Wardens carried out their own survey of woodland management taking into account past management and future needs within the framework of the long term Management Plan: An evaluation of the management needs in Sherrardspark Wood.

We organise and hold work parties in the wood on Thursday and Sunday mornings for most of the year with a short summer break. Activities include tree planting and aftercare, selective tree felling, improving and maintaining paths, clearing out ditches and ponds, litter clearance and management of the heather area. From time to time we also help at other sites in and around Welwyn Garden City.

Planting 'whips' (seedlings around 0.5m-1m high) to provide the next generation of trees is a major activity.  We planted some 750 during  winter 2021/22 and a further 350 last winter including 100 hazel and 50 each of common hawthorn, Midland hawthorn, wild cherry, rowan and sessile oak. 

Full instruction and guidance is given and there are jobs to suit all levels of fitness! The Wood Wardens provide tools and protective gear where needed, but you will need to wear your own work boots and bring waterproofs (in wet weather).

During a mid morning break for tea or coffee (bring your own) biscuits are provided.  Some volunteers visit a local pub for lunch and refreshment after the work party ends!

If you would like to volunteer now and then or on a regular basis you’d be very welcome. To find out more please send us a message using the enquiry form on the Contact us page of our website.

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